Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Today is Hailey’s Valentine’s Day party in her kindergarten class. I thought I would show you what we (cough cough… I) made for her class.

So I have this problem where I can’t just buy regular paper Valentines from a store anymore. No, I need to go big with something handmade that takes me hours. I blame Pinterest

So here are all of the Valentines goodies…

IMG_0949 edit

First, Hailey had to decorate a box for the Valentines she receives. She had so much fun!

I found this idea for friendship bracelets and jars of candy on Pinterest weeks ago. I don’t like doing candy very much in the Valentines so this was perfect. I decided to break out my thread and start picking colors… Fast forward to last night at 8:00 when I was making almost all of the bracelets and printing everything! I am guilty of major procrastination. I even had to get Hailey out of bed to write on all of the labels… Yeah that’s bad. But she wasn’t asleep yet so that’s ok, right?


So here are the lovely and colorful bracelets! I love the tag.

“Our Class would knot be the same without you!”

IMG_0950 edit

For the teachers, they got little mason jars full of chocolate.

“It takes a big heart to shape little minds.”

IMG_0952 edit

Hailey was very excited for her party!

IMG_0948 edit

I love how everything turned out. It was worth all of the time and work! I will make sure I plan ahead better next year.

Here are some Valentine’s from the past!


2014-02-09 19.52.13

2013 (Valentines from Kiwi Crate)

IMG_4867 edit

IMG_4860 edit

I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day!

Valentines Printables…

Friendship Bracelet Valentines from Dandee Designs

Teacher Valentine from Lil Mrs Tori

Bracelet Pattern from The Purl Bee

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Be Prepared!

Hi anyone still out there following our family blog! I just was to prepare and warn you for a post overload in the near future. I haven’t posted since May so I want to update everything since then. Is it crazy? Yes! Is it worth it? I think so. So be prepared for the Englar Fam overload! I will be posting also back to when they happened through the months.

I also hope you all have a Happy New Year


Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Cell Phone Round Up

Fun in May!

Mother’s Day love



Mohawk // Trouble maker

IMG_0489 IMG_0619

Watching Hailey at gymnastics… It’s hard keeping him busy for an hour!


New shirt… she loves Olaf!


Hailey loves this crazy dog


My mug


Doll blanket I crocheted for Hailey

IMG_0659 IMG_0680

Dress up


Hanging with Blue


Reading and eating

IMG_0682 IMG_0683

Hailey picked a tulip from our yard for me



IMG_0692 IMG_0693

I’ll finish this blanket for Hailey… someday


Golfing with grandpa


Reading his favorite book Go, Dog Go


Oh the messes these two can make




Someone hit his head and got a bad bump! Thankfully he didn’t cry too long and he was ok. That bumped seriously appeared in seconds


I can’t believe it but this little guy is trying to take a selfie of himself!


Friday, May 16, 2014

Hailey’s Last Day of Preschool

Well Hailey has finished another year of school. We are so proud of her! She just loves school. She is so excited for Kindergarten next year.

I can’t believe how much she has changed since the beginning of the school year. She looks so old now!


IMG_8857 edit 2 IMG_8859 edit

Jackson wanted in on the pictures too. They just love each other!

IMG_8858 edit IMG_8864 edit

IMG_8863 edit

IMG_8866 edit

Like I said, Hailey is so excited for Kindergarten. Until then, we will enjoy the summer off and get as much Hailey time in as we can!

IMG_8870 edit

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hailey’s Spring Program

Hailey did a great job at her Spring program. I was worried we would have the same problem that we did with her Spring concert from last year. I am happy to say there was no nose picking of any kind

IMG_8785 edit

IMG_8786 edit

IMG_8788 edit

IMG_8790 edit IMG_8791 edit

IMG_8794 edit

IMG_8796 edit IMG_8797 edit

Hailey getting her little certificate saying she completed the class

IMG_8800 edit

IMG_8803 edit

Hailey and her teacher Ms. Terra

IMG_8805 edit

IMG_8808 edit

IMG_8818 edit

IMG_8809 edit

IMG_8817 edit

IMG_8814 edit

Refreshments with her buddies

IMG_8812 edit


IMG_0479 IMG_0481

Jackson watching




We can’t believe Hailey will be in Kindergarten next year! She is already very excited. We are glad she can come back to the same school for a third year. We just love it there



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